Bombash & Earley

The Healer Body Butter


We're not certain why so many skincare brands add dozens of unnecessary ingredients in an attempt to achieve real results. 

Are we missing something? 

We don't think so, and the proof is right here, only a small handful of completely natural ingredients and hundreds of customers with dramatically improved skin-tone and texture. We're proud to announce that this is a revolutionary option in the quest for better skin.  

We designed this ultra emollient to effectively combat itchy, severely dry, cracked and flaking skin. Those with ultra-dry, sensitive and mature skin should use this head to toe daily to improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.   


     I learned about this product during my first visit to Bombash and then originally bought this as a gift for my friend. She loves it and asks me to purchase it for her every time I go now.  I must say, its hard to not notice how far her skin has come in such a short time so I'm buying this one for myself!             

                                                                              Theresa R. 


 5 Ingredients: Shea Butter butyrospermum parkii, Safflower oil carthamus tinctorius, Jojoba Oil simmondsia chinesis, Frankincense boswellia serrata, Myrrh commiphora myrrha



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