Eyebrows: $20 | Nose: $15 | Lip: $10 | Under Arms: $25 

LASH AND BROWS                                                        

  • Lash and Brow Tint - $45                                       
  • Lash Tint Only - $30
  • Brow Tint Only - $20
  • Lash Lift/Perm (Tint Included) - $75



Custom Enzyme Therapy Facial – 60 Minutes                                         $85

With INSTANT LIFT Treatment                                                                   $105

The foundation of all skincare treatments. Enzyme therapy will restore the structural integrity and overall condition of your skin from the deepest layers to the surface.

The enzyme therapy facial begins with a complementary skin consultation to determine your needs and concerns.  Your consultation is then followed with your customized facial treatment to meet the specific needs of your skin. Finally, you’re finished off with a world class botanical enzyme mask that has been designed to work in concert with your skin’s natural detoxification processes to eliminate impurities and toxins helping to revitalize and renew at a cellular level.  creating a healthier, firmer surface you can see and feel.

Prozyme Vitamin C Therapy Facial – 90 minutes                                 $105

With INSTANT LIFT Treatment                                                                $125

All the benefits of The Custom Enzyme Treatment and more! This Prozyme Treatment is a specialize enzyme exfoliation that is paired with Vitamin C to rid your skin of harsh dead skin cells and debris. This instant removal allows a deep penetration of collagen-building Vitamin C, which creates softer, clearer skin.

Custom Enzyme Therapy Facial with Microderm – 90 Minutes          $135

With INSTANT LIFT Treatment                                                               $155

You will receive all the benefits of our DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial, along with our Microdermabrasion Treatment. Microdermabrasion uses a diamond encrusted tip to gently sand your skin, removing the ticker, uneven outer layer. Microdermabrasion is used to improve age spots, blackheads, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate large pores, treat acne and the scars left by acne.

Custom Chemical Peel with Consultation – 45 Minutes                     $100+

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to smooth the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers. Although chemical peels are used primarily on the face, they can also be used to improve the skin on your neck and hands. A chemical peel is a less-invasive way to improve the appearance of your skin. Sun exposure, acne or just getting older can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred. A chemical peel can help improve acne or acne scars | age and liver spots | fine lines and wrinkles |freckles | irregular skin pigmentation |rough skin and scaly patches | scars | sun-damaged skin| melasma |photodamage.

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment – 45 Minutes                               $75

Microdermabrasion Hand Treatment – 20 Minutes                                $55


Instant Lift                                                                                                  $20

This can be added to any facial except the Express Facial. An anti-aging treatment physically strengthens the muscles of the face and neck without the physical effort. Much like any physical exercise program, faster results are obtained from regular treatments because of muscle memory. By combining DMK’s Enzyme Masques #1, #2 and #3, it instantly lifts and firms your skin.

LED Light Therapy – 30 Minutes                                                              $20   

As ADD ON to any Facial - Free                                                                     

LED lights penetrate your skin at different depths and cause various reactions in your skin, such as fighting acne-causing bacteria, plumping skin & reducing wrinkles. LED Light Therapy uses color wavelengths of visible light which have specific skin benefits.

Hand Exfoliation                                                                                       $10

CBD-AID Hand & Arm Relaxation Treatment                                         $15