Bombash & Earley is a family-owned all-natural essential oil and skincare company based in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. B&E was established in 2015 when husband and wife team, Tim and Danielle, began selling their handcrafted vegan cleansing bars at local farmers markets from the tailgate of a pickup truck. Soon, happy customers began to request more products.

Tim, an herbal enthusiast, has always felt a deep curiosity and connection to plant life of all kinds. Danielle is a natural skincare specialist, believing that committing to a mindful, holistic lifestyle is the first step to a radiant complexion. So it was natural that B&E would extend their collection to offer high-quality, plant-based skincare. It wasn’t long until demand for their products outgrew the summer farmer’s market season. 

Word began to spread quickly that B&E products were very effective and a pleasure to use, so Tim and Danielle took a leap of faith and opened their brick-and-mortar shop. Showroom sales helped them to meet the growing needs of their customer community. “Oohs” and “aahs” would often fill B&E’s charming shop, as customers immersed themselves in alluring scent combinations made with pure essential oils and hand blended vegan natural fragrances.

Today, B&E continues to expand their business. Their constant innovation of state-of-the-art natural skincare is still lovingly small-batch handcrafted just a few steps from their sales floor.

Tim, Danielle and the whole B&E team enjoy every step of their manufacturing process – the ingredient selection, the formulating, the hand-whipping, the bottling and the labeling – every stage is met with reverence, passion and appreciation. B&E’s impact has expanded online and continues to grow rapidly, having connected with clients in every state, as well as several countries around the globe – and always delivering on their promise of premium quality, botanically-pure skincare.


Minimal Ingredients. Maximum Results.

Here at B&E, we set high standards to ensure every product we offer is wholesome, unique and effective.

100% PLANT-BASED SELECT INGREDIENTS: Each one of our ingredients can be traced directly to the source from which it was harvested. We have personal relationships with our suppliers to ensure purity in every component of our all-natural formulations.

LESS IS MORE: We believe this is true for both our ingredients and for our packaging. All of our packaging is recyclable, and many of our solid products are sold with naked packaging in effort to reduce waste. We aim to make a positive impact on our planet!

HANDMADE: There's something soulful about handmade goods. Our experienced team of makers personally connects with each batch of product they create. We find this step is essential for our customers and ourselves.

PROVEN EFFECTIVE: Our formulations go through rigorous trials to ensure desired results. Plus, we know our products are a joy to use, so there is instant gratification from first application!

CRUELTY FREE: We craft with compassion. We find that the animal cruelty is both unreliable and unnecessary.

PRESERVATIVE FREE: We use absolutely no preservatives unless they 1) innately occur within the ingredient and 2) are completely safe. As far as we’re concerned, if it doesn’t spoil, it’s not good for you. Plus, many of our products have a natural shelf life up to two years without the addition of preservatives.

SUSTAINABLE & PALM OIL FREE: Completely plant-based doesn’t mean all plants make the cut! Although palm oil is inexpensive and often used in the cosmetics industry, we don’t use it! Palm oil it has been vastly overharvested, which is leading to deforestation. We choose sustainability over product cost every time.