Bombash & Earley

Fresh Meadows Seasonal Body Butter - Limited Release


And there you are… sitting on a lightweight blanket, reading an enchanting book, as sunshine warms your shoulders and a light breeze tousles your hair. Around you, rolling meadows open in every direction, joined by one sole babbling brook.

This is the experience of Fresh Meadows, B&E’s newest spring scent of organic cotton, bright bergamot, marine accords, rich sandalwood, and an entire field of wildflowers.

A kind note: You may attract butterflies while wearing this scent.

Why It Works: B&E's moisturizing shea butter improves the skin's resiliency and firmness. Whipped shea leaves a breathable moisture barrier on your skin - nourishing the skin for a healthy sheen.

How To Use: For best results, apply head to toe every day, preferably after bathing. Avoid eye contact. External use only.

Only 3 Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter (butyrospermum parkii)
  • Vegan Natural Fragrance
  • Natural Mica

B&E Promise: Hand-selected, Natural Ingredients | 100% Plant and/or Mineral Material | 100% Vegan | Preservative Free | Cruelty Free | Small Batch Handmade | Crafted with Compassion | Locally Made in Pittsburgh, PA

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