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Gender Reveal Bath Bombs (Specialty Shape)


A little HE or a little SHE, what will baby be?! Gender Reveal bath bombs make your unveiling incredibly fun!

These white bombs will fizz away and turn water either pink or blue, indicating whether baby is a girl or a boy :)

Have mom discover the surprise during a nice, warm private bath, let your family and friends participate in the excitement during a get together, share the news with big brother or big sister while they’re playing at a water table, ooooooor… order a few bombs for a “remote reveal” and we’ll ship them to multiple addresses for you. Make sure to include a custom note at check out!

The scent is “Lavender Clouds,” which is a heartwarming blend of lemon, wild lavender, lotus blossom, raspberry, and amber. It’s light, whimsical, and has that adorable “baby cuddles” vibe.

And no worries: All gender reveal bombs come in very discreet packaging. Enjoy your surprise!

Why It Works: The use of high magnesium Epsom salt in a bath is said to be the best way to absorb magnesium. Avocado oil leaves your skin well moisturized.

How To Use: Fill your tub up with water. Drop the bath bomb in and use the soap to cleanse your skin. Enjoy! No need to rinse off after bath is complete.

Bath Bomb - Only 7 Ingredients: 

  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Epsom Salt
  • Citric Acid
  • Avocado Oil
  • Water
  • Essential Oils and/or Natural Vegan Fragrance
  • Food Grade Coloring and/or Mica

    B&E Promise: Hand-selected, Natural Ingredients | 100% Plant and/or Mineral Material | 100% Vegan | Preservative Free | Cruelty Free | Small Batch Handmade | Crafted with Compassion | Locally Made in Pittsburgh, PA

    *Due to artisan handcrafting, color and appearance may vary depending on batch.

    *One last note: we take every precaution to wrap these securely for transport, but if there is a little cracking that occurs, the bomb still works! Just drop the entire bomb, crumbles and all, into your bathtub and enjoy :)

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