Top 5 Essential Oils To Keep On Hand

Essential Oils are great for diffusing, but there are some you should always have in your house for alternative reasons. Essential Oils have so many other benefits for you and your family.

Here are the top five essential oils to keep around the house:

  1.  Tea TreeThis is an amazing go to for first aid needs. Use this neat for fungal infections and wounds as an all natural antiseptic. It also fights oily skin and hair by using with a carrier oil of your choice. But the two top reasons to have it around is it is an all natural disinfectant meaning use it when making your own cleaners! Also it's a perfect spot treatment for acne! 
  2. French Lavender: Our Organic French Lavender does more than just smell good. Having trouble relaxing to fall asleep? Mix with grain alcohol to make a linen spray to catch some Z's to the sweet, sleepy smell of Lavender. Also use the linen spray if you have an upset stomach for calming effects. This is also a great antibacterial and acne fighter. Use in a carrier oil that won't clog pores to keep your skin glowing through your busy day.
  3. Frankincense: Frankincense is the holy grail of essential oils. Although this is great for spot treatment on dark spots and acne it can do wonders in so many ways. Use on scars and stretch marks (after consulting doctor) to help heal wounds quicker and avoiding scarring. Also use with a compress for muscle pain and stiffness.
  4. Eucalyptus: Got that morning gunk going down your throat? Try putting a few drops on a damp cloth and adding that to your hot shower in the am! Trying to cool down outside? Put a few drops on a towel and freeze it, take it out when needed and put on your neck for instant cool down and relaxation! 
  5. Clary SageClary Sage is a huge calming essential oil to keep around. Use in the bath or shower for calming effects after a stressful day. Use neat for an antifungal treatment or for minor wounds.

*We recommend patch testing essential oils and doing your research before putting any on neat.