Best Selling Dad Gifts!

We know what Dads Like… well, besides BBQ dinners, treehouse building and cuddles from their kiddos.

B&E has compiled this list of Best Selling Guy-Approved Products based on sales, observations and customer requests:

CBD Double Strength Topical – This fast-acting lotion addresses the little annoying achy places. After a full day of lifting, hiking, fishing, landscaping, or coaching… we know you’d rather recount your day’s adventures than be distracted by the toll it took on your muscles. Schmear a dab of this all-natural lotion and get ready for an instant “ahhhhhh” of respite.

CBD Chill Pill Bath Bombs – Yep. Dads bath too! Crack it in half and enjoy for two tubfuls of relaxation. And in order to take in all the super effective ingredients in this product, make sure to carve out time for a 30-minute soak. Put on your favorite mind-clearing jams (we suggest Oasis’s “What’s the Story Morning Glory” as the perfect pairing) and let the fizzy water soothe your body and soul.

Bay Rum After Shave – One of our classic products has recently been revamped in spray form! This makes it super easy to carry with you and apply. Master-crafted with organic Caribbean rum infused with a select spice blend to refresh skin, calm irritation, and keep pores bacteria-free. (Oh, and if you’re a Dad with facial-mane status, this is for you: Nourishing Shampoo & Beard Bar.)

Carbon Clean Detoxifying Bar – Detox like a boss. Blended with cooling peppermint essential oil and activated carbon, this bar was designed to cleanse, detoxify and leave you feeling minty fresh! (We know you want to, but don’t use this product on your face! Coconut oil is super moisturizing for the body, but not recommended for a clear complexion. If you’re looking for a stellar facial wash, check out our Detoxifying Facial Cleanser to refine skin texture.)

Multi-Tool Beard, Face and Body Butter – We get it. You need something convenient; something easy-to-apply. And you don’t want to waste time reading directions. So here it is: One body butter for all over use. That simple. Great smelling and great for you.